Sell the Shirt Off Your Back Today and Make Money 💵

I literally sold the Fleetwood Mac shirt off my back today to a person in California for $24. You could sell the outfit you’re wearing right now too, especially if have a cellphone. Ok, I know you have a cellphone but it really is about that easy. So do you want my secrets? You sold an item!I love going to concerts, therefore I have a large collection of Concert Tee shirts. I have many vintage shirts from shows that have come through town over the years. I decided I might try to sell some of the ones from the 1990’s since they were in excellent condition and they were worth a decent amount of money. I found two apps that let you post your cloths, and then mail them to the buyer (I don’t want to meet strangers in a Sonic parking lot to exchange cash for a Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Tour Tee). I’m using Depop and Mercari. 📲 Depop is almost all clothing, mostly ladies clothing, and mostly in Europe. I’ve done well on there, but I’ve more recently had good results from Mercari. That app lets you list stuff like LetGo or Craigslist BUT then you just have to mail off the stuff, no stranger danger! 😄 Here’s how it works for both:

  1. Take 3 photos of your shirt (or have a friend help like I did)
  2. List your item, kinda like an Instagram post
  3. Set your selling price
  4. Share your listing on social media
  5. Sell things, learn more, have fun
  6. Once you sell: Print the mailing label
  7. Put your shirt in a bag 💼
  8. Mail it off!!!
  9. Confirm your Shipped it in the app
  10. Look for final delivery confirmation.