Social Media Management

9 Bar \ Lounge

Our team created a social media strategy for the the all new 9 Bar \ Lounge in Antioch, TN. Even before the Grand Opening, we worked with their management team to conceive and create a strong social media community based in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We also use their voice on social media to show the fresh, innovative menu that 9 Bar \ Lounge is becoming known for serving East Nashville and Antioch.

Pop Brand Ent manages their online reputation, and coordinates offers with UberEATS, GrubHub, Trip Advisor, and our Review platform on Facebook.

We created and manage a weekly social media content calendar that keeps their customers engaged and coming back for more of their great food and events.

We analyze all the likes, comments, web traffic, and other data. Then we report back results, feedback, and trends which allows 9 Bar to maximize their productivity. That way they can focus on great customer service and world class cuisine.

Windows 8.1 / Platform Promotion

Windows 8.1 Campus Tour

We were responsible for hiring and training on campus Brand Ambassadors to launch Microsoft Windows 8.1 on the PC, mobile, and tablet platforms.

Each day of the event, we staffed a Windows event footprint with computers, games, and a learning station.

Missbehave Girls / Street Team

Missbehave Girls

We worked with Lollipop Promotions to create a social media network for the Missbehave Girls, a street team promoting music events in downtown Knoxville, TN. We provided a roaming photographer, video editor, and online media management.