Nobody retires in Tech

My first career was in television production as Senior On-Air Producer. I spent 15yrs growing my network from a late night shopping channel to America's #1 TV Jewelry retailer. While I'm proud of my work over the years, I wondered what I could do to continue growing into an Executive Producer and one day a business owner myself. I figured out about half way thru that if I wanted upward mobility then I would have to seek out opportunities. In tech, employee culture already know this.

Here's how long employees are staying at the 10 biggest companies in tech:

Facebook: 2.02 years
Google: 1.90 years
Oracle: 1.89 years
Apple: 1.85 years
Amazon: 1.84 years
Twitter: 1.83 years
Microsoft: 1.81 years
Airbnb: 1.64 years
Snap Inc.: 1.62 years
Uber: 1.23 years

How long have you been at your job? Why do you think that tech employees change jobs so often? Let us know your thoughts.

– Jay