How to make shorter Facebook Videos (see: Better)


4 Official Facebook tips for making your videos far shorter and more interesting:

1. Get their attention early w/ a good visual

2. Keep it Simple.

3. Design beginning for “Sound off” w/ GFX

4. Basically, you should be makin vertical videos

Source: Facebook Business

1 Capture attention early

Short-form video ads are an effective way to stop and engage consumers as they scroll. By shortening your video to 15 seconds or less, you can increase how often your video ads are watched all the way through. With this in mind, it’s important to:

• Start with your most captivating elements. Hook people right away with great thumbnails, vivid backgrounds and stunning product shots.

• Incorporate your brand message and identity early. If your brand is tied to a recognizable logo or symbol, show it right away.

• Use engaging post copy. Strengthen your visuals with funny, provocative or surprising copy.

2 Keep your

message simple

People make quick decisions about what they want to watch, especially in mobile feed. It is important to ask yourself, “what is the most important message I need to deliver in this video”?

• If your objective is to build your brand: ensure your message delivers that clearly, quickly and with impact.

• If your objective is conversion: focus on your product or service you provide. Considering including your website link so that people will be able to click anywhere on your video to be taken to your website.

3 Design for sound off

Currently, videos in mobile feed play by default without sound. Your video ads should communicate clearly with sound off, and get better or funnier with sound on.

• Tell your story visually. Using text and graphics can make your message easier to understand.

• Add captions. Try auto-captioning or uploading an SRT file to your video ad. Internal tests showed that adding captions to videos ads increased video view duration by an average of 12%.1

• Include a sound file. Users increasingly scroll through mobile feeds with sound on. Provide audio for when they turn on their volume to capture attention.

4 Experiment with size

The mobile screen gives you the opportunity to own the real estate on your customer’s newsfeed and hook them within the first few seconds. Here are some ways to design for a smaller frame:

• Highlight the key elements. Keep your product front and center and visually emphasize the qualities that make your brand valuable.

• Create visual surprises. Even in a small frame, think about the unexpected events or optical illusions you can include.

• Try vertical video. In a recent test, 7 of 10 advertisers saw that vertical video ads drove an increase in brand lift and up to a 9-point increase in ad recall.

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