Guerrilla Music Marketing

Part 1

1. Pick 5 cities that you want to take over in 2018.

2. Join FB Groups like “Roanoke Hip Hop” or “Nola Underground Music” in all 5 cities. Make sure they are ACTIVE Groups (Active posts every day)

3. Get a feeling for who is active in the local scene, and start a conversation with them.

4. DON’T TRY TO PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC. Just make friends.

5. Make a human connection with at least 5 people in each of the 5 cities.

6. Take detailed notes on who hosts Hip-Hop Showcases in each city.

7. Adjust your strategy if things aren’t feeling right or you’re not connecting.

Part 2

1. Set an advertising budget for each city. ($10-$100 /month)

2. Place targeted ads on FB, IG, and YouTube that put your music in front of people in each city. (This is how you reach new “customers”)

3. Study your growth in each market. Do A/B testing and see if you’re getting any traction. Adjust your strategy EVERY week.

Part 3

1. The KEY is to GUARANTEE that at least 5 people know your target song BEFORE you perform live in that city.

2. Book a slot at the hottest monthly Hip-Hop Showcase in each city.

3. Make sure your 5 friends come to your performance, and make sure they already know your target song.

4. Rock the show, be prepared to make a personal connection with ANYONE who shows interest. Give your friends a gift 🎁 like a Signed CD, or merch. This is probably the first time they have ever met you IRL, so make it count!!

Part 4

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Don’t look for a lottery ticket to stardom, work HARD for 6 months to establish a digital presence in your 5 target cities and then nurture your best fans into Super Fans. Believe me when you do your show, and locals see that people know your music…BOOM. 🎯

We design what is called a Sales Funnel for my clients that generates income for artists from Events and Merchandise.

Contact us if you’d like us to formulate a strategy for your artist.

Little more advice:

– Girls are better fans than guys (sorry guys!)

– Don’t try to get other artists to be your fans, they are only concerned with their OWN music.

– Your music is the part of your brand that we call a “Loss Leader.” Basically it is a bribe to get people interested in you as a person.

– Don’t EVER use the “boost” on FB. Download the Facebook Ads Manager App and do detailed demographic targeting. Watch YouTube tutorials on effective ad targeting.