Affirmations for Actors

Affirmations for Actors + Bonus "Booked It" gfx template
with Jeremiah Long - Actor/Writer/Producer

Download your bonus "Booked It" template here:
Welcome back friends. Use these affirmations for a daily or weekly boost of positive energy, as a way of reaffirming your intention before an audition or self tape, and as a way of reducing stress as you re-enter the world. Stay tuned after the presentation to get my Bonus “Booked It” graphic template.

As we begin, observe your breathing. Take a long deep release. You are now prepared to accept your own inner strength, to grow, and be prosperous. As we continue our journey, slowly repeat each phrase back to yourself.

You are going to book role, after role, after role this year and I would like to help you celebrate your wins. Downloadable my bonus “Booked it” template to use every time you book a role this year. It is easy to re-use and it’s cloud based so you can never lose it.

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Come back and replay this video anytime you need a boost of positive energy, and I’ll see you on the big screen!
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