10 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Manager

via 24hoursecretary

Managing the company’s social media related responsibilities can consume a lot of an entrepreneur’s time. However, a social media marketing manager can assume duties such as scheduling posts, design valuable content, respond to the audience, develop a following, and provide consistency in posting.
You gain a competitive edge as the SMM works to establish you as the number one brand in your niche and helps you connect with an audience that your competitors have yet to discover.

Five reasons to hire a social media marketing manager that come to mind are:

#1 A social media expert can save money and time when managing online campaigns.
#2 They document what’s working, what’s not, and make strategy recommendations.
#3 SM marketing managers pay attention to social…all the time.
#4 They can help identify ways to reach the right audience.
#5 SM specialists track industry leaders, check on the competition and identify the best types of engagement for your target audience.
Developing a plan.
Promoting activities requires making sure posts and communications are consistent. A social media manager develops the calendar and determines when to “go live”. The SMM also decides which networks to include in the campaign.
A social media manager can provide consistent messages in-tune with your branding strategy. The marketing plan can then reflect your brand.
Missed messages.
Never plan to miss messages, especially customer service requests. Interested customers make contact across many platforms. It could be via a Twitter mention, Facebook message or comment in a recent blog post. Inquirers expect a quick response. Busy entrepreneurs may not be aware of the inquiry if they do not check their profiles daily. A social media manager/specialist can provide a response within 24 hours or sooner. A SMS can also recognize situations that may need addressing by management.
Attracting new customers.
Identifying specific targeted new customers are an essential part of building brand awareness. Online promotions and advertising campaigns are ways a SMS can achieve these goals.
Already spending more than 40+ hours on your business.
Running a business is time-consuming. Adding social media and marketing engagement to your plate may lead to burnout or overwhelm.

Number 6 through 10 of 10 reasons to hire a social media manager/specialist:

Staying ahead of trends.
Entrepreneurs need to stay abreast of the best ways to market and bring in more business. But, what works today may not tomorrow. Social Media Managers stay on top of the latest and best ways to interact and reach new customers.
Outdated social media presence.
You have the best intentions to manage your social media accounts. Yet, you put off posting updates and cross-posting content. Eventually, you fall behind and the content you want to post gets old. Working with a social media specialist can solve this problem.
Creation and posting of content.
Potential customers respond to unique, compelling content. Social media managers can create or provide professional direction for this task. SMMs can create and post videos, pictures, blog posts, tweets and more. They can ensure message delivery based on your needs.
Analyzing results.
Google Analytics, Sprout Social, and HootSuite track the data of a campaign’s victories or poor performance. These tools also help identify influencers, trends and track milestones. They also can calculate the data and create easily digestible reports.

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Advantage Over Competition.
Many businesses still haven’t adopted social media as a marketing tool. SMMs can help capture audiences your competitors haven’t discovered. They assist with establishing your business as number one in your niche. Since Google recognizes social media ranking, a well-exposed brand may boost yours. These factors may contribute to your advantage over the competitors.


Many entrepreneurs understand that social media can help increase traffic to their websites. They also know it’s great for making connections with a wide audience. A third benefit is the ability to curate and share engaging, relevant content. If you, entrepreneur, don’t have time to perform these duties, I recommend that you hire a social media manager/specialist.
A social media manager can help develop and strengthen the relationship between the buyer and the business, by creating and managing the digital marketing program.
Remember, engaged customers buy from people they know, like and trust. A social media manager helps develop and maintain the brand your customers want to buy from.