Social Media Consultation

We develop your brand's presence across specifically targeted demographics throughout your social community. We work hard to build and maintain your reputation, so you can focus on creative development and growing your customer base.

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Event Marketing & Promotion Campaigns

Event marketing has changed since the days of radio. Now your brand can have a live in-person event, with trained Brand Ambassadors demonstrating products, sampling food/drink, or creating awareness of a cause for less than the cost of traditional radio advertisement.

Radio advertisers used to claim that thousands would hear your ad, but what is better: Screaming blindly into the abyss, or dealing one-on-one with your target customers? Plan your next adventure with us.

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Brand Development

Does your brand POP? Do people talk about your brand at their workplace or school? How do I find people that would love my product, service, or idea?

Hey...this is Jay from Pop Brand Ent. Those are the types of questions we ask and answer every day. Don't worry about what you're still learning, we're here to help. Contact Us

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Where will you be?

Where will you be when you realize that your brand has reached it's audience? Will you even know? Beep. Beep. Notification Email. You have reached 10,000 followers.

Every brand wants to be heard, but not every brand knows how to listen. Listening to customer feedback, listening to your business partners, and listening to data can be overwhelming. We take the stress out of brand management by letting you focus on your work. Develop ideas, products, or be creative while we handle the data driven analytic algorithms that hold together our complex global economy.

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Next Steps...

You did it. You have a brand. Now tell everyone about it. We're here to help.